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    • Christopher Meloni: (on living with Elliot Stabler)
      Every time I finish a season, I do something to basically scrub away this character. I shaved my head into a mohawk one time. I leave immediately and I go travel. This time I wrapped on Thursday, spent Friday with my children, caught a flight on Saturday night and was here on Sunday. So I'm pretty crispy.

      But you've got to get away from this person (Stabler) and this dark, intense place that you are in. And you've got to get away from what I call lock-and-load shooting: if your rehearsal takes more than 15 minutes you're behind schedule. It ain't deep. You're trying to cook gourmet food in a fast food restaurant and there's an inherent pressure to that. When you're offered a play and you come here, you know you're going to be able to have an incubation period, really go to a deeper level. It's a great challenge.