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    • Christopher Meloni: (on fight scenes and his past training in martial arts)
      I studied tae kwon do back in college, and I enjoyed that. But for my money, something was missing. So I got into a style called goshin jujitsu. That incorporated not only kickboxing but also grappling techniques. For me, mui Thai is the best of both. You're kicked, you kick. You punch - it's a very hard style - and then you get in and grapple and throw ... I've always been interested in fighting as a culture. Not so much getting into fights, but whatever that thing is that's mystical, magical about it.

      In 'Oz' we've had a couple of fights, but nothing large. I tell you where I think you can see this training is in how somebody uses his balance - where they keep themselves in relation to the perpetrator, keeping distances that are correct and comfortable, knowing when and where to go in, how you move if somebody's coming at you.