Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Christopher Mintz-Plasse


6/20/1989, Los Angeles, California

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Christopher Charles Mintz-Plasse


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Christopher Mintz-Plasse had his breakout role of "McLovin" in the 2007 film Superbad. He has also appeared in a number of films and music videos.


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    • Christopher: (when a fan asked him to autograph her upper chest after seeing Mintz-Plasse's performance in 'Superbad') This is a permanent marker. I probably shouldn't.

    • Christopher: When I get back from Europe I'm going to go to junior college because I missed a couple of classes that I need to retake. But I'm going to try and get another acting job. I can be pickier. I don't want to do something not awesome. I want to take my time.

    • Christopher: A woman asked me to sign her breast. I felt weird. I said, 'I'm not signing your boob with your fiance behind you'.

    • Christopher: We went to the gun range and got to shoot shotguns and machine guns. The shotgun pushed me back because I'm a small guy.

    • Christopher: (On his character Fogel) He's kind of a nerdy character. He thinks he's a lot cooler than he is. He has a confidence about himself that you see in the movie. Later on, when he gets taken away by the cops, he thinks he's more badass. It's like McLovin unleashed, and he becomes cooler as the movie goes on.

    • Christopher: (On working with the Apatow crew) Oh yeah. I thought I was very lucky because when I auditioned for the movie I didn't know what movie it was. I didn't know Apatow was producing it, I didn't know these people were part of it. I just, like, my friends told me about it like, okay this should be fun, and then I realized that I was "in" with probably the best group of people in Hollywood right now.

    • Christopher: (On Superbad.) This was my first audition. I'd been doing drama in school since I was eight. I was on an improv comedy team at my high school, so that helped.

    • Christopher: (On who he was more like in high school, Seth Rogen or Evan Goldberg.) I was like Seth. I had a dirty mouth in high school.

    • Christopher: (On how he unknowingly showed up Jonah Hill in his audition for Superbad.) I didn't know until maybe two weeks ago that after my audition Jonah was like, I don't want that guy.

    • Christopher: (On people recognizing him as McLovin) Right now, I'm loving the McLovin thing, but who knows? I find that as a compliment, when people come up to me and say, "Hey, it's McLovin," cause that means they loved me in the movie.

    • Christopher: (On how he got the part of Fogel in Superbad) I guess they were looking for somebody to play the part of Fogel for like three months, that's what Evan told me. They had open casting calls, and my two friends were going to audition for it, and they told me that I fit the description of the part, so I should go audition with them. So I said, "All right, why not? It'll be fun." And I went and auditioned and got called back twice, and they liked me. And that was that, and I got in Superbad. Really lucky story.