Christopher R. Sabat





4/22/1973 , Washington, D.C., USA

Birth Name




Christopher Robin Sabat has worked in voiceover and audio production for over ten years. Starting as a DJ, his voice was heard on countless radio stations, TV and radio commercials, phone systems, toys, voice-guided equipment, and as a narrator on industrial and feature films. His experience in anime voice acting began in 1998 when he was cast as Yamcha and Igor in the Dragon Ball movie, “Sleeping Princess In Devil’s Castle”. Soon afterwards, he was asked to join the anime giant FUNimation Productions to direct the Dragon Ball Z series, and with that enetered the world of anime!

Since then, he has directed over 600 episodes of various anime, cartoons and videogames and has voiced some of the world’s most popular anime characters including (but not limited to) Vegeta and Piccolo in Dragonball Z, Kuwabara in Yu Yu Hakusho, Jigen in Lupin III, Ayame in Fruits Basket, Alex Luis Armstrong in Full Metal Alchemist, Naru Naru in Kodocha, and Kiyotaka Narumi in Spiral.

Chris has also starred in best-selling video game titles such as “Deus Ex: Invisible War”, “Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel”, “Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir”, “Dragon Ball Z: Budokai”, and much more.

Currently, Chris lives in Dallas, Texas and owns an interactive production company called OkraTron 5000, Inc., where he lends his production talents to movies, television and interactive media as a producer, voice director, sound designer and an audio editor. Throughout all of this, Chris still finds time to work for FUNimation Productions!