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  • Chris Sabat is one of the most talented voice actors ever. He does so many great voices for funimation like Vegeta, Kuwabara, Piccolo, Yamcha, and so many others. Like Reggie Jackson is Mr. October, Chris Sabat is Mr. DBZ.

    Great voice actor. I used to watch the Pioneer dubs in the mid 90's. Those were okay but the characters really weren't that deep. Then in 1999 Chris began doing the DBZ voices and he was really good at it. He does the voices of Piccolo, Yamcha, Vegeta, and for Yu Yu Hakusho he does Kuwabara and Raizen. This guy is amazing. His voices are so cool. My favorite of all of his voices would have to be Vegeta, he really brought out the personality of the Vegeta character and made him his own. In the Old Dragon Ball Z dubs Vegeta didn't sound as cool as when Chris startd dubbing the Vegeta character and give him that awesome rebel nature. Chris is in my top 3 voice acting category along with Sean Schemmel and Steven Jay Blum. Very talented voice actor, may'be even the best.