Christopher Reeve





9/25/1952 , New York, NY



Birth Name

Christopher D'Olier Reeve




Christopher Reeve was a classically trained actor who felt more at home on stage doing Shakespeare than starring in action movies. So, it was no surprise that he had little interest in the possibility of playing Superman on the big screen. Despite his initial reservations, Reeve decided to give it a chance after reading the script and realizing that he could bring more humanity to Superman. In 1977, his 6'4" athletic physique, chiseled good looks and acting abilities convinced the producers of 'Superman the Movie' to give the 24-year-old actor the title role. Reeve would go onto to reprise the role in three more movies, each time with subsequently less success. Still, his portrayal of the Man of Steel remains the definitive version of Superman to a majority of the people.
In 1995, Christopher Reeve became paralyzed after an accident riding a horse. For the next several years, Mr. Reeve found a greater lust for life, living it to it's fullest and teaching other people about his condition. Tragically, he would lose his courageous fight with his paralysis on October 10th, 2004 when he died from heart failure. Mr. Reeve left behind 3 children, a widow, and millions of adoring fans all over the world. He truly was a Superman.