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  • R.I.P.

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    He was the best Superman ever. Not even in Superman Returns his role was ever played so much and so great, I really think that he had something unique, shame about his paralysis, in Smallville he was awesome too. He is one of the best actors ever! We missed you!
  • Christopher Reeve Will always be the Man of Steel to me.

    When I first saw "Superman: The Movie" as a kid I always dreamt of one day meeting Mr. Reeve and telling him that Superman Is My #1 Movie of all Time and that everytime i watch i'm always in awe of how great he potrayed the characters Clark Kent/Superman.

    But sadly, now that he's gone That dream'll never happen although Chris Maybe gone His Spirit will always live on through his work with his Charities, Fundraisers, Movies And other works he's done in the past. Christopher Reeve Will always Be The Man of Steel To Me and everyone else He will Most Deffently be Missed By Us, His Fans.
  • An extremely talented actor and reat man Christopher Reeve should be remembered as one of the all-time greats. He was able to deal with parylisis for many years and still live a fulfilling life.

    He will be remembered especially for playing Superman/Clark Kent in Superman, Superman 2, Superman 3, and Superman 4: The Quest For Peace. His most recent role was playing Dr. Virgil Swann in the hit WB series Smallville. It wasn't a very big role and Christopher Reeve did die during the show's fourth season, but it was still a helpful role. He became a quadrapaligic during a horse riding accident. I would rate Christopher Reeve 10 out of 10 stars or 4 out of 4 or whatever the highest amount is in any situation. Other movies he was in were Somewhere in Time, The Bostonians, The Aspern Papers, Street Smart, Switching Channels, Noises Off, The Remains Of The Day, and many others. He was also the director of the movie The Brooke Ellison Story.
  • He is superman both onscreen and off.

    He is by far the best actor to have played superman, he was brilliant in the role. He could play both Superman and the nerdy Clark, which are both completely different characters.
    He was truly a brilliant actor and an inspiration to everyone. He overcame enormous hurdles and was still able to help other people. Most people would just give up, but he didn't, he was truly a remarkable human being. It was tragic what happened to him and he had the support of the whole world. It is unbelievable what he has done for other people with paralysis. He wasn't just Superman onscreen, he was a real life Superman, and he will be sadly missed.
  • *salutes* one of the best known people and will be missed terribly.

    christopher reeve was best known for playing superman and brought more humanity to it than thought possible after his accident during the late 1990\'s he became paralysed but continued to fight and improved over years and was contributing to medical research until his death on september 10 2004. many will miss him and it was hardly fitting that his last role was on \'smallville\' that show is a paice of ****

    it wont be the same without him playing superman anymore and his legacy will be known as that as he was an inspiration to other people who are crippled during his short time being paralysed before passing away before his time.

    will be missed by all.