Christopher Rich

Christopher Rich


9/16/1953, Dallas, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Christopher Rich Wilson



Also Known As

Christopher Wilson, Chris Rich Wilson, Chris Wilson, Christopher Rich Wilson
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Born in Dallas, Texas, Christopher Rich began performing in plays while attending high school in the Rio Grande Valley, urged by a teacher to channel in Rowdy tendencies into acting rather than protesting the Vietnam War. He continued performing and studding acting at the University of Texas and…more


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    • Christopher: The market does not seem capable of finding a direction. As we head into Valentine's Day, the market can't handle love or rejection. This bipolar action has been the modus operandi for the last month. Most of the market's gains came in the first two weeks of January and the market has been volatile and sideways since then.

    • Christopher: There was this great hope that they were going to rebuild and that they were going to be stronger.

    • Christopher: It occupied their time and gave them a sense of focus.

    • Christopher: They were busy not doing much of anything. The first day we were there we broke up a fight between two 12-year-old young men who were playing football and had lost their tempers.

  • Plays Brock Hart on Reba.

    Christopher Rich, is a talented actor, I have only seen him in Reba, and a small apperance on the Nanny.

    On Reba, he plays Dr. Brock Hart, Reba's ex-husband, his character is always getten beat on by Reba, manly because he opens his mouth before he speaks, he also thinks highlt of Van, being his high school football coach.

    Christopher Rich, can be just as witty off screen as well, making a joke about "being better looking then the guy that got to play her husband" at Reba's Giant special.

    He's a talented actor and I hope he does more after Reba.moreless