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  • She is very talented

    Christy is a really great actress!! I loved her on Even Stevens and now I love her on Kim Possible which is like my favorite cartoon ever!! She also has some really good songs out now, I used to not think she was that great of a singer but she got better. She has also done a lot of good tv movies like Cadet Kelly, The Even Stevens Movie and Kim Possible So the Drama. I think she will continue acting and singing in the future.
  • What can I say? She has a special gift.

    Christy Carlson Romano, formerly known as Ren on Disney's Hit show Even Stevens, has a talent. She makes a great voice actress on Kim Possible and you'll rarely find someone has talented as her. Romano is one of Disney's few talented stars. When I was younger, she was my role model and she keeps getting better. What's not to like about her? She pretty, she's talented, and her voice is beautiful. Christy makes a pretty good role model. She's ambitious and she carries herself out good, unlike most stars these days. She's one of the best Disney stars these days. Compared to the other Disney stars, she's unbeatable. If you don't believe me, watch Even Stevens and Kim Possible.
  • OMG, she's my idol.

    I've been a fan of her since day one. I saw her a couple of months ago and i went to both of her shows that day and she reconized me in the second one. I also have a couple of stuff that she she autographed. She is so talented and she a giver. She is a great role-model. If you read her book "Grace's Turn" You would know how good it is. And if haven't read it go read it. lol. On her myspace her has a few songs fromher album she's working on, and the music is so good. Christy is growing up and as she does everything she does is maturing as well. She's done so much and she deserves everything she gets. :D
  • This girl so many talents its amazing.

    This girl has a voice can act and can dance a little bit. Has been in board way and numberous disney channel things like videos, songs, voices for different characthers, different movies and guest staring on all kinds of disney channel stuff. Disney net work must really like christy. Has been in other stuff then disney which was an movie that came on family thats called the cutting edge it wasn't her best but it was a pretty good. Haven't been any real movies but hey you never know in a couple of years she may be in some real movies.
  • She is a very good actress!

    Christy Carlson Romano is very talented in my opinion. She can act very well. She is famous for her role on Even Stevens as Ren Stevens. She does a wonderful job playing the big sister. I really enjoy watching her in that show. Another role she had was in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Cadet Kelly, also starring Hilary Duff. It's a great TV movie and she is very good in that. She also stars in the Disney Channel Original Animated Series, Kim Possible as Kim Possible. I don't really watch that show, but she is terrific as Kim. Overall, she is great at what she does and she's very talented.
  • Very talented young woman.

    I love Christy Romano. She is such a great actress and also a great singer. She did a great job as Ren Stevens on Even Stevens. She played Louis' older sister and was a very hard-working girl. Then, she played Kim Possible on the hit animated series Kim Possible. She played a teen hero who worked very hard at saving the world, dealing with snobs, and also managing the relationships with her firneds and family. Then, she released her very first album, and she honestly did an excellent job. I love the way she sings. She has such a lovely voice. I also love her classical voice and honestly think that she should release a classical album.
  • Christy Carlson Romano is an terrific actress and one of my favorites.

    I really love this actress.If I could go and meet someone famous Christy Carlson Romano would be the first one I would meet and I really enjoy this person and this person would be the first person I would like to meet and Margo Harshman would be the second famous person I would love to meet.I like Margo`s character Tawny Dean. and Christy Carlson Romano`s character Ren Stevens.This is the reason why I would meet them.Christy is so great at the acting business.Christy Carlson Romano is my role model and she always will be.I really enjoy watching Even Stevens.
  • Christy Carlson Romano is so gorgeous and talented.

    She so talented because she plays two characters at once and she is so pretty.I am glad to hear she has the part of Ren Stevens in Even Stevens and Kim Possible in Kim Possible.She is so cool because plays two charaters in two shows.She is so great at playing both of these charaters and she is so great at it.I do know other shows and I do watch them.I watch these shows Christy Carlson Romano is in.I really enjoy seeing and watching Christy Carlson Romano on tv.
  • She's getting better at what she's doing!

    At first I thought she was okay, but now I think her voice is getting way better. Like in could it be, she really took care of those high notes, and she can hold on to them! I love her on Kim Possible, and her movies are great! Cadet Kelly would have been way better if they recasted Kelly, but I love the way she pretended to be mean! If she was in the Herbie movie insted of Lindsay, I would seen it in a heartbeat!
  • WHAT THE HECK! She is good but every day she gets worse and worse and worse!

    WHAT THE HECK! She is good but every day she gets worse and worse and worse! OK, I gotta calm myself down. I don't think she deserves more than a seven. Seven is the highest grade I can bring myself to give her. Christy os so overrated on this website! It's like, Even Stevens is way over and Kim Possible is stupid and should be cancelled. Can't say much more except that Even Stevens is a good show, but only because Shia LeBoauf is in it. She only has a lame part. Christy Carlson Romano has nothing to do with her success.
  • She\'s the best!...

    Christi is an inspiration. She is someone I definently look up to. She smart, pretty, and talented. I am so happy they decided to bring KP back even though they may not have the same voices, they at least saved her character. She\'s someone I really want to be like when I\'m older. One of my dreams is to meet her. She deserves fame because she is so talented. She can sing, act, she can do it all just like Kim Possible. I love one of her recent movies when she\'s a figure skater on ABC Family. I can\'t remember what it\'s called but it was a great movie. She\'s and awesome person.
  • She is one of the best voice actors of all time! Nobody could voice Kim Possible better.

    Like I said, she\'s a great voice actor. Her voice for Kim Possible sounds so brave and smart. She really knows how to give Kim life. She\'s pretty, too. Good thing that Kim Possible is being brought back because Kim Possible is a great show and so the world can hear this fabulous VA. That\'s it. She\'s great. But she isn't perfect. Sorry.
  • she is so awesome

    Most popularly known as her role of Kim Possible in the disney channel series "Kim Possible" She can do anything if she puts her mind to it.She is a great role model and cares about her fans.She tries to never dissapoint us! Her talents are so awesome! she should have more cd's which her new one should be coming out soon hopefully.she is almost perfect! i'd say 99.9% perfect
  • Talented espicially in musicals.

    I think christy romano carlson is much more talented and should be given more roles. She is a really good actress and probably an ok singer. I , however dont really like her singing because she does not write her own songs and i think songs sung my people should be orginal. So far in all the different types of acting i think she is the best doing musicals.
  • She's one of the best Disney actress and voice actress of Kim Possible. The best girl that I imagined.

    Since the name Christy Carlson Romano came to me on the Video game "Kingdom Hearts," I noticed that her voice was wonderful in my favorite show "Kim Possible." This was one of my all time Disney Channel Original Shows ever! Now that she's one of the the all-time greats, she not only acted in Even Stevens, Cadet Kelly, The Even Stevens Movie, and Campus Confidental, but also the best Disney Broadway show that everyone loved her. She was excellent! Christy you rock girl!
  • Christy is my role model, my favorite actress, and singer.

    I don't care about being her biggest fan or anything like some people do. But Christy is the best. Her best performance in Even Stevens to me is Influenza: The Musical. My favorite song by her is Could it Be. She deserves her own series.

    She has an amazing voice and has great acting skills.

    She has been perfect in all of the roles I have scene and in the songs I have heard. Her newest movie: Campus Confidential was just as great as her other roles.

    Bravo Christy, I hope you will soar to even greater hights, good luck from me (and I am sure all your fans)! :)
  • She is beautiful and great!

    Although I've only seen her as the voice of Kim Possible, she is an outstanding voice. Her voice of Kim is very different from how Ren, from Even Stevens sounds. And sometimes, when i hear her voice on interviews, its so different and I tell myself "Hey, she sounds better as Kim!"

    Her singing voice is quite sweet also. ANd now, you might me asking why I put her as GORGEOUS, i did that because she is beautiful even if she wears her make-up. I have noticed that she looks different from her look 2 years ago.

    I do hope she has more tv shows to act in and more songs to sing! She has the potential and she is great!
  • she was born is 3/20/1984. the voice of kim possible.

    Christy is a great actress and singer. my favorite song is could it be which is sang by her.
    she is also the voice of kim possible and she is amazing. i wish i could meet her. she is also the greatest actress that i had ever seen in tv. if i can ever ever ever ever meet her it would be a dream come true.
  • She is totally talented, and beautiful and would be great on any future show.

    Being a big kid at heart, I still love to watch the Disney Channel. As such, my favorite shows are Kim Possible and Even Stevens. By far, the best part of these shows was Christy. She can sing, she can dance, often at the same time! Her character development over the years has grown with the longer her shows were on. She greatly deserves her own show and I am totally all for one. She has beauty and talent, no wonder she's on broadway as well. I would just like to finish up by saying, "Disney, you've got one heckuva star here!"
  • Christy needs her own series!

    Christy is probably the most talented female to come off Disney in years!
    but MTV,ABC,WB,UPN passed on her show!! I dont know if the script was bad or not but still!!

    Give Miss.Romano a show!! lol They are letting talent slip here

    c'mon someone wake up and give her a great comedy or drama!
  • Christy is really should have been a bigger star!!!

    I think Christy\'s should have been a bigger star. She has been playing some original Disney movie, that\'s true. But those movies aren\'t showing up in Asia--all I know is that Even Stevens Movie was just premiered in April. Meanwhile, Cadet Kelly and Kim Possible Movie:So The Drama hasn\'t been premiered yet. Also, her album is almost nowhere can find in Asia (thank you Cate in Indonesia for the info). I hope her next album will make her a recognized star and her next movie is a movie that premiering in the THEATRE, not Disney Channel. I really want to be her friend. I want to know her closer, I want to know what\'s on her mind, and I really like her attitude. If only I could meet her someday! Christy, you ROCKS!