Christy Smith

Christy Smith


9/13/1978, Basalt, Colorado, USA

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Christy Smith


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Christy Smith attended high school and college in Washington, D.C., where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology/criminology from Gallaudet University. She worked as a children's adventure guide for the Aspen Camp School for the Deaf.It was very cool because I went to that camp w/…more


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  • Christy faced as much adversity of circumstances of just about any Survivor contestant, but she walked away a winner in every sense of the word.

    Christy is, in my opinion, one of the most inspiring Survivor contestants to have ever been. In the earlier seasons, where people who weren't just cute and young got a chance, Christy stands out from the rest as being a genuine, likable, and completely endearing young women who deserves all the praise and admiration she has received.

    Being profoundly deaf would be a challenge in everyday life because of the ignorance and prejudice from the general community. On Survivor, you are not going to find any sort of sympathy or concern because, as the other contestants see it, you are actually in possession of a useful tool - the tool of the sympathy vote. As contradictory as this is, that is the way Survivor is played.

    However, Christy rolled with the punches despite her "disability" and proved herself to be one of the most capable women on this season. She had a difficult start because, again, she was forced to change her mode of operation. Surrounded by a group of women who were more than happy to exclude her and leave her out just so she would be an easy first vote, Christy somehow had to find a way to fit in with this world of selfish 'hearing' people, and she succeeded.

    Christy was an amazing outdoors-woman, showing a natural flair for camping and the wilderness. She was incredibly patient, caring, honest and a fierce competitor. As a person, she was impossible not to like.

    Christy's downfall was her lack of familiarity and confidence in her game-playing skills. She just didn't have the strategy to win the game. However, she gave us some of the best moments of the series, and was inspirational to me in so many ways.

    I would love to get to know Christy in real life. Her infectious personality, her sense of humor, and her genuine care and concern for other people make her a winner in every sense.moreless
  • Got a raw deal thanks to those step-sisters of hers!

    I hate it that Christy got kicked out and glad

    That she was and is the first and only deaf

    Person on the show and that she really was a true

    Survivor in the sense. She held up on her own really

    Well. Wished that she had made it further but no!! Those

    evil step-sisters of Jenna & Heidi made sure that she didn't get farther along!