Christy Smith





9/13/1978 , Basalt, Colorado, USA

Birth Name

Christy Smith




Christy Smith attended high school and college in Washington, D.C., where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology/criminology from Gallaudet University.
She worked as a children's adventure guide for the Aspen Camp School for the Deaf.It was very cool because I went to that camp w/ my best friend Andrea who is cousins w/her.Christie invited us to go to a play.Christie was interprting the sign language the students were doing at the play.She also worked as a facilitator at Hemlock Overlook in Virginia.Christy is a deaf citizien,but she can
hear minimal sounds and relies on lip-reading skills. Her primary motives for being on SURVIVOR are to promote awareness for the deaf…and win $1 million. Her favorite hobbies are socializing, doing anything outdoors and writing letters. She has trveled to Costa Rica and has went on a 50 day wilderness adventure trip in Alaska with Outward Bound.She is a succelent,independent,and goal-oriented.she is most proud of when the time she spent working with juvenile delinquents where she taught them how to work in groups to develop growth and self esteem.