Chuck Barris

Chuck Barris


6/3/1929, Philadelphia

Birth Name

Charles Hirsch Barris


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Born Charles H. Barris in Philadelphia on June 3, 1929. The son of a Dentist. Barris later married Lyn Levy daughter of one of the founders of CBS. This promptly made her family disinherit her. Chuck had been working as a management trainee at NBC in New York…more


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    • [On what he feels his most important accomplishment is]
      Chuck Barris: Well you know, that's an interesting question. I've never won any awards, I've never won Grammys or Emmys or whatever. My book was #7. My record was #2. My television programs never got an Emmy. So I'm torn between the book I wrote which was a bestseller, and I love writing, and "Palisades Park," which was the first thing I ever created that was commercially successful. I would hear it on the radio in the car I would pull over to the side of the road I was so excited. Or The Dating Game which was my first television program. Those were my babies, so those are the ones I like.

    • Chuck Barris: We'll be right back with more stuff...

    • Chuck Barris: This is me saying bye.

    • Chuck Berris: They call me the father of reality television, and I apologize for that, because I don't think that's a great title.

    • Chuck Barris: I came up with a new game-show idea recently. It's called The Old Game. You got three old guys with loaded guns onstage. They look back at their lives, see who they were, what they accomplished, how close they came to realizing their dreams. The winner is the one who doesn't blow his brains out. He gets a refrigerator.

  • A review for Chuck baby? What can I say, he was fantastic. He may think he went over the top on "The Gong Show" set, but I thought then and still think now, he was one of the most entertaining talents of all time. Oh yeah, dig those dancing moves chuck!moreless

    Chuck Barris is a multi talented, charming and witty (ahem) gentleman, who's talent has spanned some 40 plus years. Ive watched more hours of "The Gong Show" than I am years old, going way back to the 1970's all the way up until now, 30 years later. I often enjoy watching video exerpts of Chuck on YouTube. I was 10 years old when the show first aired, and all through my years growing up to be the ripe middle age that I am now (45), I often continued to wonder, "where is that cute little ass now?" I recently found the answer online. Although Chuck is like, 35 years my senior, I find him still crazy, and very likeable after all these years. I continue to follow his progress in life (thank God he is a survivor)and new projects. I love his Album "Confessions of a dangerous singer", and pull up his myspace page, (which by the way, he hasnt logged into since 12/2008!), so I can be gently lulled to sleep by his soft sweet voice. Although I have great respectfor the fact that he is happily married, I still have to be perfectly honest in saying, licking a Jolly Rancher off of his (Blank) would make my life complete! Oh damn, I really did say that out loud, didnt I? Sorry Mary, but I think you know what a handsome and charismatic husband you really do have, and I wish you both the best in life and in love. Rose Bickfordmoreless
  • Confession of a Not-So-Dangerous-Fan: Chuck Barris is an unappreciated genius!

    Ever since the first time I saw the Gong Show as a kid, I have been a huge fan of Chuck Barris. He was a whirlwind of energy and creativity that always manages to make me smiles. As I got older, I found out that Chuck Barris was not only a great host, but a genius producer. At his peak, his company was producing 27 hours of television a week. His innovative shows like the Dating Game and the Newlywed Game are still being ripped off today. In addition to his incredible TV work, he's also a successful writer. You can still hear his "Palisades Park" on the radio today. And Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ranks as one of the best books I have ever read. This "unauthorized autobiograhpy" really gives some insight into Chuck's wild mind. To this day, people still talk about whether or not Chuck's stories about being a CIA assassin, which shows that they kind of missed the point. Whether or not it's true, Confessions is a brilliant read.

    Chuck Barris will probably always be most remembered as the "creator of reality TV" and "the schlock host of the Gong Show," and this is unfortunate. Chuck Barris was a TV genius, and someone I have great love and admiration for. Thank you to Chuck Barris, and I can't wait for his next book!moreless