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Chuck Carrington is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. He studied for three years in New York at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and has been in Los Angeles since around 1995. Besides JAG, he has made appearances…more


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  • A genuine talent.

    If you haven't seen Chuck's starring turn in Robert Whitlow's "The List", rush right out and buy it. Don't rent it, buy it! I'm a huge fan of his, and he absolutely blew even me away with the depth of his talent. I love him in the sidekick-type, comedic role, and was very pleasantly surprised that he could carry a dramatic movie, and carry it well. His range of emotions, his growth from a money-grubbing lawyer to a man driven by much purer motives was simply amazing. The subtleties he expressed, the nuances of each scene - I was stunned. Truly. Rarely am I moved by a performance, but I was by Chuck's portrayal of Renny. He more than held his own against such established, respected actors as Malcolm McDowell and Pat Hingle. And the chemistry with Hilarie Burton - whew! Someone needs to reteam those two in another movie. Soon.

    As one professional reviewer wrote, "Chuck Carrington exudes decency onscreen". I couldn't have said it better. A truly good person with a great gift and talent, I have no doubt that we will be hearing a lot more from this young man. I can't wait for his next project.moreless
  • JAG without Tiner was worse than a day without sunshine.

    Every week, I would tune into the show, watching for his appearances, and thoroughly enjoying every single one. He added humor and freshness to the show, not to mention how adorable he looked in that uniform!

    I miss him.

    I cheered when Tiner announced his intentions to become a JAG lawyer, and I was so looking forward to him returning to JAG as an officer, and watching how the others now interacted with him as an equal, and not a 'subordinate' enlisted man. That could have added so much to a show that started falling apart when Tiner and Chegwidden left, but alas, it was not to be.

    Chuck Carrington is a fine actor, and I watch for his appearances, but they are just too few and far between. Someone needs to give him a chance, so that his fans can once again appreciate seeing him every week (or every day, soap opera casting directors!) in their living rooms. He's smart, he's talented, and from all reports is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people you're ever going to meet anywhere. It's truly a shame that he's not a regular on a series.

    Casting directors, are you listening?

    I can come up with a lot of other words to describe Chuck, but at the top is appealing. Likeable. Adorable. Gorgeous. And certainly up there is talented. He can do comedy, he can do tragedy, he can play it straight and do drama. Just please give the guy a chance!moreless