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    • Chuck Connors: (On how he remembered landing the starring role in South Sea Woman) I had done just a couple of pictures, and I was sitting outside a little dressing room at Warner Bros, and they were testing a lot of people [for the role of Pvt. Davie White] and I was sitting in my Marine uniform waiting to be called and I went out to get a breath of fresh air, when down the street comes Burt Lancaster in a Marine uniform. And, in those days the stars never tested with the actors. So I said to him, 'Mr. Lancaster what are you doing here?' And he was a baseball fan, so he just decided to come down and test with me. So he took me in the dressing room to, as he said, run the lines, and I didn't even know what that expression meant then. Finally I figured him out and I said, oh you mean you want to practice? So anyhow we read the scene and man he looked at me and said 'Boy we've got to work on this!' About then my name is called on the loudspeaker to come in on stage and Burt goes to the door and yells out to the people. Hey, I'm talking here, we'll be another 20 minutes, go ahead and test somebody else. Well he went over that scene, seven pages long, to give me some semblance of approaching it proper. And then I went in and did it and got the part. But Burt took that time on his own and I gotta give him credit...