Chuck Hittinger

Chuck Hittinger

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Chuck Hittinger



Also Known As

William Hittinger
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  • The reasons why Chuck Hittinger should get roles in a lot more shows.

    The whole time while I was watching him act I couldn't stop thinking: "Wow, he's a really great actor. Why have I never seen him in a tv show yet or in a movie?". It can't be because of his looks because he's incredibly hot and he has a beautiful and manly jawline. He also has blond hair and this boyish spark in his blue eyes. Even though I'm more for dark types, he can come knocking on my door any time he wants.

    It's not just his appearence, I could really feel the pain, insecurety and happiness of his character. He can laugh and cry credibly which is something a lot of famous actors and actresses struggle with (I'm not gonna say names). I was absolutly in awe. The fact that I'm writing my first review on someone who had such small role and isn't even a regular, says enough. I hope to see a lot more of him on the little and also the big screen. He could definitly handle it.moreless