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  • One of the top anime voice actors.

    Personally, I fell Chuck Huber is the best anime voice actor out there. I've seen him credited for a number of voices, some which caught me by surprise like Emperor Pilaf from Dragon Ball.

    One of my favorite voices Chuck has done is Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. Hiei is a badd a$$ straight and simple. He's naturally calm and almost never loses his temper. Chuck was the perfect voice actor to depict Hiei. He had one of those voices that just fit the character perfectly. Some momments his voice is cold, making you feel as if you can;t say anything.

    There was also Android 17 from the Dragonball Z Franchise. He uses a similar voice like he does with Hiei. The only difference is 17's is more lively. Whenever 17 did something reckless (like his joy rides in the Future of Trunks video) you fell as if he's a kid. He does a great job potraying 17. Though, I felt he could've did better depicting Super 17. I mean, he was the fusion of two androids, I would've liked a better transition.

    The biggest suprise for me was that he provided the voice for Emperor Pilaf. Emperor Pilaf is the complete opposite of 17 and Hiei. Chuck does a fantastic job with Pilar's spazzing.

    Chuck is a near-perfect voice actor. He's one of the best out there. I hope he provides voices other animes such as Zatch Bell! or Naruto.
  • Chuck Huber is my personal favorite anime voice actor. Here are my reasons why: he can play really cool mean and misunderstood characters; he seems to relate to the characters he voises; and he stars in some of my favorite anime shows.

    "What do I think of Chuck Huber?" To put it simply, I personally think Chuck Huber is one of the greatest anime voice actors of this generation. My two favorite anime characters he voiced are Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho and Android #17 from Dragon Ball Z/ Dragon Ball GT. (He also did well as Shou Tucker in FullMetal Alchemist and Seamus Han in Blue Gender just to name a few.) I am a huge Yu Yu Hakusho fan and I've seen all of the episodes, mostly uncut because I owned most of the DVDs before Hurricane Katrina, and I have to say that Hiei is my "all-time favorite" anime character. I'm not a crazy fan girl or anything (people have probably heard that a million times), but I think I like Hiei the most because I can relate to him and his problems (watch the anime for details). If you really stop to think about it, most of the main or star characters Chuck Huber voiced as all have similar problems or personalities. However, there are others that are completely different. So when I think about it, either Chuck Huber could probably relate to some of these characters or he maybe can just play really good mean,"evil" or misunderstood,yet cool, characters. I've heard his commentary for Yu Yu hakusho with Justin Cook, John Burgmeier, and Christopher R. Sabat, and his personality seems different yet a little similar to some of the characters he voiced as. Well, I should wrap this up before it gets too long, so that's my "Review" for Chuck Huber. Enjoy!