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  • One of the top anime voice actors.

    Personally, I fell Chuck Huber is the best anime voice actor out there. I've seen him credited for a number of voices, some which caught me by surprise like Emperor Pilaf from Dragon Ball.

    One of my favorite voices Chuck has done is Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. Hiei is a badd a$$ straight and simple. He's naturally calm and almost never loses his temper. Chuck was the perfect voice actor to depict Hiei. He had one of those voices that just fit the character perfectly. Some momments his voice is cold, making you feel as if you can;t say anything.

    There was also Android 17 from the Dragonball Z Franchise. He uses a similar voice like he does with Hiei. The only difference is 17's is more lively. Whenever 17 did something reckless (like his joy rides in the Future of Trunks video) you fell as if he's a kid. He does a great job potraying 17. Though, I felt he could've did better depicting Super 17. I mean, he was the fusion of two androids, I would've liked a better transition.

    The biggest suprise for me was that he provided the voice for Emperor Pilaf. Emperor Pilaf is the complete opposite of 17 and Hiei. Chuck does a fantastic job with Pilar's spazzing.

    Chuck is a near-perfect voice actor. He's one of the best out there. I hope he provides voices other animes such as Zatch Bell! or Naruto.