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  • Thank God he doesn't act like Jackie Chan

    You know that children wear shirts with Superman and Superman wears shirt with Chuck Norris?
    Well it sounds a bit funny, in fact sometimes is really strange how Chuck himself can beat down a dozen men without being dog-tired or even being hurt, don't even think about a serious hurt. Can you imagine being attacked by five men who are striking one by one? I think it's a bit unrealistic, but I still think Chuck is really amazing in what he can do. He has all my adoration.
    But ... I still can't understand how he can burn ants with lens ... in the middle of the night (;
  • Chuck on kick a** mother f***er.

    He is not a great actor but he tried and was ok. As a person he is awsome. I loved him in Walker,Texas Ranger and all the movies he has done in the past. He is a very down to earth kind of guy. Chuck can kick your butt with out even trying to. I am running out of things to say and I only have 70 words. Chuck is very careing type of person. He also is a big family man. He looks really good for his age. He was a little underated. But Walker and his total gym made him famos. Chuck Rocks!
  • He also one of my favorite actors. His most loved appearance of mine is when he plays Walker on Walker, Texas Ranger.

    He is a talented actor. I admire his role as Walker on Walker, Texas Ranger. I have never seen him look at the camera. He works so hard and puts a lot of effort in his work. He is my idol. He is sensational. Chuck is very convincing in the roles that he plays. I must add that he is an expert at martial arts and his moves are breath taking and very suspensful. I admire his work and all that martial arts has gotten him far in life. He takes his career one step at a time. I wish to meet him in near future.
  • cool character here are some qoutes!

    when chuck norris wants an egg he cracks open a chicken
    chuck norris invented water
    chuck norris lost his virginity before his dad did
    chuck norris is the reason why waldo is hiding
    chuck norris counted to infinity.....twice!
    chuck norris went to the virgin islands when he came back they were just called the islands
    chuck norris doesn't read books, he stares them down until he gets the information he wanted
    there is no evolution just a line of animals chuck alows to live
    Magyver can build an airplane out of matches an gum but chuck norris can kill him and take it
    chuck norris eats lightning and farts thunder
  • Be afraid be very afraid

    Chuck Norris won many State , National and Internation amateur karate title from 1964 to 1968.In 1968 he fought and won the World Professional MiddleWeight Karate Championship.He held that title until 1974 when he retired undefeated.In 1968 Chuck was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as fighter of the year.In 1997 , Chuck achieved another milestone in his life by being the first man ever in the Western Hemisphere to be awarded an 8th degree Black Belt Grand Master.Today chuck Norris is best known for his long run On "Walker Texas Ranger" Which ran from 1993 to 2001.He was also in many a number of movies.A great talent and person all around.
  • just a really cool person, and not afraid to tell people what they think

    ok, honestly i think that chuck norris is one the most honest men i know (not really know, but you all know what i mean), i think it is really cool that he does what he does all the time, i meam, he's not afraid to tell people what he thinks, he's getting to the point where a lot of people retire but he doesn't plan on retiring anytime soon, he's very family oriented, plus he's a very dedicated christian....i don't beleive that he's the BEST actor, but he's not real bad, and his character always fits him, so he doesn't really have to do that much acting,and he's a very good martial artist, i love walker, texas ranger, and most of his movies......overall just a really great man
  • Pretty good.

    Chuck Norris was a horrible actor. He was really stale and his performances were often very wooden. He had no expression whenever he acted and it was really boring. Aside from that, he is a television star and an okay martial artist. I have to say that he was the star of the show Texas Ranger and he made the show worth watching because of his stunts. He is a decent person and I think that he would be a nice person to meet in real life. Overall, I respect him for what he has done and I think he is okay. Thank you.
  • Awsome

    Well I don't know him to well but I love to make up jokes about him and look at other jokes about him. My favorite Chuck Norris joke is "When Chuck Norris goes into the pool Chuck Norris dosen't get wet the water gets Chuck Norised Oh you got owend. Even my friend can make up jokes his worst is "Chuck Norris is fearless..... Yo Mama so ugly even Chuck Norris is afraid" LAME. Well I geuss the hip fads are randomly saying Chuck Norris and Barack Obama T-Shirts. Even though I don't watch him I love his jokes.
  • Although starting his acting career in 1562, Chuck Norris continues to amaze me.

    Chuck Norris, born in 1355, is one of the most looked up to actors in Hollywood. He has ties to some of the greatest world leaders and had a part in the creation of the universe. Chuck Norris is mainly known for his reality TV show in which he travelled the world battling aliens, giant lizard and Pokemon Christmas Specials.

    In 1278 (77 years before his birth) Chuck Norris invented a substance known as water shortly after defeating Mr. T in the battle of Xiafgagfdgn oerg 0 (a word only Chuck Norris can pronounce).

    In 2066, Chuck Norris fought Martha Steward for ultimate control of the universe. Because this date hasnt actually come yet, its unsure who won. So until then, keep your eye out for this martial arts expert, because if you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can't see Chuck Norris, you may just be seconds away from death.