10/25/1985, Austin, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Ciara Princess Harris



Also Known As

Ciara Harris, Ciara Princess Harris
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Ciara Princess Harris was born October 25, 1985. She moved from several places, because her father was in the army. When her mom knew that she was going to be a singer/superstar is when she picked Ciara up from day care in California and she knew every song…more


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    • Ciara: My fans keep me going. I wouldn't have the passion for singing if it wasn't for them.

    • Ciara: Anything that you do in life, make sure it is something you truly want and sincerely love to do; and also, make sure that what you are pursuing is something you already have a talent it, not something you have to create. You got to have a plan in anything you do, not just music, you gotta have a plan and then go for it. And make sure whatever you pursue, it's something you can be the best that you can be at, because you don't want to sell yourself short.

    • Ciara: Teamwork makes the dream work.

    • Ciara: I don't wanna write records just to write. I wanna have a message to everything that I write.

    • Ciara: I love shopping! I'm impatient though. I'll go to the mall and in 30 minutes be ready to go.

    • Ciara: I'm not totally innocent, and I do date. But as a young woman, I also demand respect.

    • Ciara: (Her advice to girls with broken hearts and exes) Realize that life is what you make it. If you choose to dwell on the past or on the bad things, then you'll keep yourself in that same place. So get up, get out, and do something to work on yourself- that's important for us as women. You have to get yourself together so that when it comes time, someone can become part of your life.

    • Ciara: (How she got her name, Ciara Princess) My first name, Ciara, comes from a perfume that was given to my mom that she really loved. And then she just added the Princess. I love my name. I don't know, it's like why not be a princess?

    • Ciara: (The reason her album is called evolution) I think the word evolution fits everything perfectly, from the sounds in the music to the lyrics and where I am creatively. I've evolved as an artist, dancer, performer, songwriter, producer- and a woman.

    • Ciara: Sometimes a boyfriend can be a distraction.

    • Ciara: I may be a good girl on set, but don't let the look fool you! (laughs)

    • Ciara: When you come out, they automatically want to say what you are and compare you to somebody. They want to give title immediately rather than waiting to see what a person's about.

  • Well i say just PERFECT.....

    Will Ciara is my favorite singer and actress for now i think that she is way better than rihanna our beyonce well ever be, and i hate that people even try to compare the three she is way better then those two will ever be! Plus i love her singing she all ways has good music and new songs all the time and that is cool and her music videos are not boaring they are in your face fun videos that has dancing, and she does not lip sing hardly at all on like rhianna she should try to not the best voice but ciara is on of the best pop singers that we got i and i dont care what you think of me and that is that deal with it. love ya C.=)moreless
  • She is a talented singer

    She is a talented singer. I love her songs. Goodies, one two step, and That's Right are my favorite songs. I like the others, but those are the best. She really does need a show. She appeared on Kids choice awards, and 106 and Park. She preformed good on 106 and Park. All I have to say about her is amazing! I can't wait for her new songs in 2008. I bet they are going to be a hit just like 2004-2007. Those songs were the best but I'm expecting greater songs in 2008! Way to go Ciara!! I give her a 10!!!!moreless