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  • Brooding, dark, always seems as though something is boiling just below the surface. Brilliant actor, particularly when given complex characters who are morally challenged.

    On film, Ciaran Hinds is probably best known for his historical dramas, such as A&E's Jane Eyre or a 1995 version of Persuasion. He has recently come to the attention of US audiences as the forceful, charming, brilliant, dedicated Caesar in HBO's Rome, where his commanding presence, his dark, fierce gaze, and his deep take-no-prisoners voice have made him perhaps the most believable Julius Gaius ever put on film. This man is captivating, as he completely absorbs the characters he is playing, physically and emotionally. I recently watched Persuasion, but came into the film 20 minutes after it began. I did not know the story at all. When I turned it on, the character he plays -- a Captain Wentworth -- was about to be introduced into the house in which a young woman was staying. Upon hearing that he was arriving, the young woman was all atwitter, and it was clear from her response that they had met before. When he arrived at the house, everything about his countenance and his behavoir -- his rigid body, his nervousness, his refusal to look at her -- told me that he was a man who had been injured by this young woman, and that he was still smarting. I knew nothing about the plot of this film, and did not know that these facts had already been explained earlier. They need not have been. His acting was so excellent that in a few seconds, I was able to deduce exactly what the relationship was between these two characters, without any explicit explanation. That's truly fine acting, in my opinion.
    His Caesar can be powerful and tender, vengeful and forgiving, explosively angry and frighteningly calm, all within a single scene. It is the finest performance of his career, in my opinion.