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    • Kate Thompson's latest novel, Living the Dream, features a brief mention of Ciarán.

    • Ciaran is an 2004 Audie Award Winner, for best audio drama performance for his work on The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare.

    • Ciaran won the Outer Critic Circle Award, Special Achievement, for best ensemble cast performance, in 1999 for Closer.

    • Ciaran won the Theatre World Award for best debut in NYC in 1999 for Closer.

    • Ciaran won Best Actor in a Dramatic Series, at the Irish Film and Television Awards in 2004 for The Mayor of Casterbridge.

    • Ciaran danced with the Patricia Mulholland Irish Ballet.

    • Ciaran professes himself slightly underwhelmed with the whole notion of his Broadway debut in Closer, but he's quick to point out that it's not a reaction born of snobbery, rather that Broadway is something that just never meant that much to him in the way of ambitions and dreams. He has jokingly stated that he feels the same about Hollywood but would certainly head out west ("for the shekels") if the right opportunity came along.

    • Ciaran Hinds (At 12, as a skinny grammar school boy, Ciaran apparently made a terrific "Lady Macbeth."): My mum says I haven't done anything as good, so it's an on-going battle trying to hit that high again.

    • Ciaran Hinds: Monogamy is a bizarre concept, don't you think? We are on earth for a very short time and the idea we should share our life with one person out of 50 billion is very odd. Life is about education and illumination. OK, 50 billion may be a bit too many to take on.

    • Ciaran has been dubbed by some as the "accidental heart-throb."

    • Ciaran's father was a doctor and his mother, Moya, was an amateur actress.

    • Ciaran has starred in numerous productions with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

    • Ciaran is the youngest of 5 children. He has four sisters.

    • Ciaran began his stage career at the Glasgow Citizens' Theater as the rear end of a horse in the production of Cinderella.

    • Ciaran's film career began in 1981 in the movie Excalibur where he played the character "Lot."

    • Ciaran previously attended Queen University to study law.

    • Ciaran trained in acting at the RADA.

    • Ciaran stands 6' 1" (1.85 m) tall.

    • Ciaran's daughter's name is Aoife (Irish variant of Eve).

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