Cinthia Moura

Cinthia Moura


3/5/1982, Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Birth Name

Cinthia Moura



Also Known As

Cynthia Moura, Cynthia Moura
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Brazilian native Cinthia Moura has been modeling since she was sixteen years old, after winning a local modeling contest. She is signed with ID Model Management and has appeared in numerous magazines including, Maxim and Vogue Italia. The Brazilian supermodel has also appeared in campaigns for L'Oreal, Avon…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Women don't get more beautiful. She's a freak of nature, but in a very, very good way!

    Dear GOD, this woman is scary stunning! I understand if her Brazilian accent precludes her from speaking in Deer Woman, but I would rather sit in front of a screen simply staring at her than watching anything else on earth. One look at her at her will have you throwing rocks at Angelina Jolie, Gisele Budchen and all the rest. Can you tell I dig here, She\'s definitely a six, as in the number of miles I\'d crawl on my hands and knees through broken glass just to, well I can\'t say that here, in her shadow. I only wish she had a much larger part so I could watch her more! Oh yeah, the movie was pretty freaky too.

  • In this episode of Showtime's Master of Horror series Cinthia Moura portrays the mythological Native American Deer Woman. The Deer Woman is a beautiful woman from the waist up and a deer downwards. Once a century the Deer Wommoreless

    Ms. Moura is absolutely one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen on television...

    Her smile, luminous eyes and flawless complection are those on an Angel come down from the Heavens to walk amoung mortal men.

    Within a second she can convey a demonic side, with fierce blood chilling glares and a savage baring of her teeth, she is capable of sending your pulse racing and heart skipping a beat.

    This was a non-speaking role, but I imagine her voice to be as exotic and sultry as she appeared onscreen.

    Ms. Moura is so beautiful I'd happily overlook "deer legs" if such were the case! I'm positive that her lower half is just as gorgeous as the rest of her.moreless