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  • I love Cirie! She is a classic Survivor contestant!

    I love Cirie! She is a classic Survivor contestant! She is definitley my favourite contestant from any season! She was just herself out there and that's what I liked about her! It's a shame she didn't win because I would have LOVED to see Cirie win! I'm just happy she bet Shane, who was a total tool! Cirie is the best Survivor contestant ever! She deserved to win because she was a trooper, and she was also really funny, like when she said she didn't like leaves! I thought she'd be a gonner after that but she managed to stick around and I was really happy she made the Final 4.
  • I love Cirie

    One of the most popular players ever to play Survivor
    She didn't have to have the physical strength like Terry
    The man who dominated all of the challenges in Panama Exile Island but she has that likabliity as well as also
    Just flying under the radar! Not doing anything that is strange like Shane. No wonder I love this gal a lot!
  • Cirie Fields is a very likeable person. I worked with her for a short duration.

    Cirie is one of those people that no matter what you just like her. She rarely gets into confrontations, and she always wants to make everyone happy. It was sad when she left her place of employment, but im happy to see that she has moved on and is doing well. She is full of charisma and a joy to be around. I am excited to see how much she has evolved in survivor. She has done great!! I wish her the best.