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    • Cirie: I've lost 64 pounds [29kg]! I had the finale to go to - it was a big deal! This has changed my life. I'm not the couch potato I was once.

      - on keeping her weight off since Survivor Exile Islands finished.

    • Cirie: I've tried a little acting. I did a scene on Guiding Light, a soap opera in the US. I have a guy interested in helping me write a book, so we'll see how that goes. I feel like the sky's the limit. I lived so long in fear of failure and self-doubt - it's like being born again.

      - On her future plans.

    • Cirie: I did the work on Guiding Light... but I haven't seen it yet. You see some people, sports celebrities and others, do a bit of acting and you're like, 'Uh, they should really stick to basketball;;'. I want to see it first before I can say, 'Yeah, I'd like to act'.

      - When asked if she'd like to be an actress.

    • Cirie: I realise that people become popular from being on the show and become somewhat of a celebrity, but I still feel like I'm me, Cirie, from the operating room. It flabbergasts me when people are excited to see me!

      - On being voted as the favourite Survivor.