Cirroc Lofton





8/7/1978 , Los Angeles, CA, USA

Birth Name

Cirroc Lofton




Born in Los Angelas, California, Cirroc was born into a family that already knew a bit of fame. His uncle, Kenny Lofton, who wasa professional baseball player. This connection to baseball would echo in future roles for Cirroc. During his early childhood, Cirroc began acting is commercials and school plays.

Cirroc's big break into acting came when he won the role of Jake Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Here his character wasthe son of the Captain, played by actor Avery Brooks, and an avid fan of the dying sport of baseball.The two would form a close bond to one another through the series and helped in the creation of the critically acclaimed episode, "The Visitor".

With the ending of DS9, Cirroc began his acting carreer mostly in small roles for films such as Beethoven, The Hoop Life, Soul Food, and CSI Miami. Cirroc, like many Star Trek alumni, hasn't given up on the franchise and participated in the internet film Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.

Currently, Cirroc is the owner of his own restaurant in the LA region called Cafe Cirroc.