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  • Great actress.

    Like her. Loved her in "The Rainmaker".
  • empty

    I have not been very impressed with the career path that Claire Danes has taken. She made it big on the short-lived, "My So Called Life" in 1994 and she has done some very good movies, but I was disappointed that she did not step into the role of the lead actress in a blockbuster film.
  • Sheer perfection.


    Not much to write about. She's just brilliant as Carrie Mathison in Homeland. No overacting, she's strict to the point and perfect. I have not seen her in her other roles, but I'd put her acting in Homeland on par with that of Naomi Watts'.

  • Watching Claire Grow.

    When I saw Claire Danes on "My So Called Life" way back in 1994, I said to myself, I found myself a gifted actress. Since then I began to watch her grow from a beautiful teenager to a beautiful woman. I very much in love with. I wrote a few leter to the actress. that's all I can do to support her. If I didn't see her on television, then I'll se on the big screen like thge recent film "Shopgirl." I review movies for another website. I wrote in the review of "shopgirl" that Claire is the best thing about this movie. I hope to hear more about her.