Claire Goose

Claire Goose


2/10/1975, Edinburgh

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Clare Goose, Clare Goose
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    • She was the girl in the Wash 'n' Go ad who rinsed her hair in a fountain.

    • She attended the Italia Conti Stage School from the age of 16. Other ex-students include Martine McCutcheon, Naomi Campbell and singer, Louise.

    • Claire's been a contestant on Celebrity Ready, Steady, Cook.

    • Claire made her first film, Alone, in 2001. A horror film, Claire plays Alice, the first accidental victim of a disturbed man trying to escape his nightmares.

    • Before her TV breakthrough, to supplement her acting income, she took jobs including a silver service waitress, a story-telling racoon in a theme park, and admin work for the NSPCC.

    • Claire trained at the Italia Conti Stage School alongside stars such as Martine McCutcheon

    • Born in Edinburgh and raised in Norfolk, she currently lives in London.

    • Made her mark in a commercial for Wash n' Go where playing the part of a backpacker she washed her hair in a fountain.

    • Although best known for her role as nurse Tina Seabrook in the BBC drama Casualty, Claire has also appeared in episodes of The Bill and Eastenders

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