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  • She is talented.

    I say that she is talented to play on the H2O Just Add Water because it is a big challenge to do it with all the water and being a mermaid. She is really lucky to play Emma Gilbert on the show and have a big challenge to play the role. I consider her talented and I wish I could meet her and take an airplane and to Australia and meet her and get her autogragh. She gets a 10 out of 10 on playing on one of my favorite shows. She rocks and is really talented and keep up the good work Claire.
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    Claire is a very beautiful woman .
    I like to see her and H2O In germany i don´t anything about her and the things she does
  • She is smoking hott!!!

    Claire holt is hot and is a great actor on h2o. Playing the leader (and a bossy one at that) has to be tough. But being the fact that she is new to the scene of acting she has done an awsome job of being a actress. Like OLDENGINEBLUE said it has to be tough playing a hard character when your just starting out. This good looking girl will probably be on our big screens in no time. Just because she seems bossy on the show dosent mean she bossy in real life. But i cant say this enough she is so fricken HOTT!!
  • hello


    clair, im from queensland as well and i am wanting to be an actor when im older im 14 now, your my IDOL!! i love you, and want to be a actor because i love ating! but how did you do it, i want to be in a tv show like you.. did you also have togo to uni?

  • No, I don't think she's hot!

    Claire has down some excellent work as her part of Emma Gilbert in H20: Just Add Water. Emma must be a difficult role to play as she has such a bossy, short tempered nature and as Claire is only a new actress, it must have been a bit difficult to play her. She has an extensive background in performing arts and music, as well as water activities, so it is clear that she is perfect for this role as she is talented and has all the right skills. Currently, Claire is filming season two of H20 and should be back on our screens soon!