Claire Stansfield

Claire Stansfield


8/27/1964, London, England

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Claire Stansfield


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Claire Stansfield was born in London, England. Her father is English and her mother is German. They moved to Canada when Claire was very young so even though she has a British passport she feels as though she is a Canadian. She went to school in Toronto, Ontario…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In the 80s Claire was engaged to Simon Le Bon, the lead singer of Duran Duran. The couple owned homes in both Toronto and London.

    • Claire's mother was a flight attendant, so she got the chance to travel using cheap tickets from Air Canada. Her favorite place that she visited was Australia.

    • Claire speaks German and spent most of her summers in a town outside of Cologne in Germany with her grandmother Kai. She later named her production company, Kai Productions, after her grandmother.

    • Claire is working on some projects that she started herself. Chickmate is an online tv series with film images and animation, and Claire's friend and fellow actress Lucy Lawless has done some voice over work for it.

    • Claire has teamed up with Alex Tydings (Aphrodite) for the Xena convention XXX Cabaret Show. The two actresses act out "subtext" fan fiction, much to the delight of their audiences. They came up with the idea together, but Alex credits Claire with suggesting they use fan fiction as their material.

    • Growing up taller than most of her peers (6 feet by the time she was 16), Claire's least favorite question is, "How tall are you?" But she has a few words of advice for girls who are tall at a young age: "Stand up straight and wear flip flops."

    • Claire's influence for her Xena character Alti came from Merlin (TV miniseries, Steve Barron, 1998). She thought Miranda Richardson did such a wonderful job as Mab that she asked Rob Tapert if she could play Alti like Mab, with the eye makeup and the whispery growl, and he said "Yeah!"

    • As a child, Claire wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. And when asked now if she could it all over again, she says she would not be an actor. She really hopes to get into writing and directing.

    • When Claire appeared at her first Xena convention she had so much fun that they had to wave at her frantically to get her attention so that they could get her off the stage. Sharon Delaney, the fanclub's manager who was running the convention, told her with a laugh, "We have other guests! Get off!"

    • While working on Xena, Claire and Lucy Lawless started working and hanging out together as friends, and soon they decided that they felt comfortable stunt fighting together. Their directors would try to have a stunt team come out and Lucy and Claire would say, 'No, no, we got it, we're into it, let's do it!' And later when Lucy became pregnant Claire got to do even more stunt work on the show. The directors wanted to have at least one person in the shot be the real actress while the other person could be a stuntie. So when Lucy wasn't available they used Claire's character Alti as the on-camera character and used a stuntie to play Xena.

    • Claire handles stress through sleep and yoga.

    • Claire has created a designer clothing company, C&C California, with friend and fellow actress Cheyann Benedict. Their first product line is a range of high-quality t-shirts and tank tops with a 1970s style.

    • Claire auditioned for the part of Morrigan on Hercules because she knew that it was going to be a recurring part. So when her agent told her that they wanted her for the role of Alti on Xena she was hesitant, but when her agent assured her that the role was also going to be for a recurring character she said, "Why not?" She ended up appearing in six episodes over the fourth through sixth seasons.

    • When Claire saw the costume she would be wearing for the Xena episode "When Fates Collide" she told Katherine Fugate (the writer, who is also the niece of Barbara Eden from I Dream of Jeannie), "You put me in a Jeannie outfit!"

    • Claire Stansfield got to be good friends with fellow Xena alumni Kevin Smith and Danielle Cormack in spite of never being in the same episodes as the other actors. They met at a Xena convention and were instant friends.

  • Quotes

    • Claire: (on making convention appearances) I mean, you can do the Vagina Monologues for 400 people- or you can do them for four THOUSAND Xena fans!

    • Claire: (after reading the script for the "Xena" episode "Adventures in the Sin Trade") I read 'Alti, old hag, bag of bones' and I'm thinking, 'I wonder who's playing her?' And I saw 'Cyane, Queen of the Amazons.' I've played so many Amazons and aliens and those type of big women that I really thought I was [going to play] Cyane.

    • Claire: I love working for Pacific Renaissance and will stalk them if I have to so that they bring me back.

    • Claire: (on her role as the Jersey Devil for The X-Files) I loved doing that show. It was completely unknown back then. David and I are friends, and he told Chris Carter that I would be the perfect person to play the creature. Thanks, David! I didn't really have a lot of makeup on. It was mostly dirt. I could have rolled in dirt and been ready. Oh yeah, the long wig or "hair bra" was a little tedious...

    • Claire: The skeleton scene in "Them Bones, Them Bones" was also weird to film. Lucy and I got black catsuits on with ping pong balls attached to our joints, after that we just jumped up and down and did some easy action scenes. After that the stuntwomen took over and the rest of the scene was shot. At the end the skeletons were put over the balls.

    • Claire: I love being in front of the camera and I will always keep on going to auditions but the pressure of 'I have to get this part' is gone. It happens so often that there is a script with a woman between 30 and 35 in it and that the audition is filled with 20-year-old girls. With those auditions it doesn't matter if I'm feeling great and attractive. With the meetings for my projects where I am the producer or director, it does matter!

    • Claire: I've actually become quite proud to be just a part of the Xena experience. Everyone seems to know or have heard of the show. Sometimes people will have an attitude about it, and I'll jump in and say 'Hey, have you ever watched it? It's amazing!' I didn't think I was going to be sucked in by the whole thing but I am now.

    • Claire: (when asked if she is afraid of always being remembered as "Alti") Nope. Thank God for cable, and reruns!

    • Claire: (on her first appearance on Xena) For me the thing that was most scary was when I had to dance around the fire. It's easier to dance in a group than by yourself in front of a crew. I didn't know what I was going to do. I was in my hotel room, studying and listening to the music, trying to figure out what to do. While I was doing this, there was a documentary on television. The guy on that show happened to be down in South America filming a bunch of shamaness-like women calling up the spirits in a dance. So I went from being stumped on what to do to having an example to work from.

    • Claire: (in reference to her dog "Dino") Dino and I have been together for 7 years, and besides the gas and occasional ear infection, he is the greatest.

    • Claire: (when told by her stepmother that her portrayal of Alti was extremely troubling) What? Like I have some evil lurking that you didn't know about? It's acting!

    • Claire: (on stunt fighting on Xena) These stunt guys are fantastic and they're really into it. When they ran at me on my first take I just lost it. I said to Rick (Jacobsen, the director), 'I didn't know they'd be screaming!' He said 'Yeah, and you should be too!'

    • Claire: I originally read for Hercules, for the part of Morrigan, which I didn't get. In the audition scene, I had to get very angry. Rob Tapert apparently saw some anger there he liked. My agent called me and said 'Rob Tapert wants to offer you a part in Xena.'