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  • Comfortable in front of and behind the cameras.

    I first came across Clark Johnson while watching one of my favorite shows Homicide: Life on the Street. His character of Detective Meldrick Lewis was easily one of the most believable portrayals in the show. That honestly is saying something as the show was and remains to me the most gritty and realistic crime drama I have seen on television.

    Through that show he began directing. With each of the numerous episodes he directed, his skill improved. He was always make good television, but he started making great television. I have seen him a few other movies and watched films he has directed. He continues to turn in solid performances in front of and behind the camera.

    At one point I had the honor of meeting him as he was picking up his paycheck for the Sixth Season of Homicide. He was easy going and fun. He shook hands and posed for a picture. I find him to be approachable and full of talent. He has a drive to make good and poignant entertainment. I hope he continues for a long time!