Clarke Peters

Clarke Peters


4/7/1952, New York City, New York, U.S.A.

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Peter Clarke


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Peters is an all around performer and artist; he is an actor, singer, writer, dancer and director. Peters began his stage career in Paris in 1971, but became a fixture in the London theatre. His credits include Guys and Dolls, Driving Miss Daisy, Kiss of the Spider Woman,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Peters' father was a master carpenter and his paternal grandmother made pottery with a potter's wheel and kiln in her basement.

    • Peters owns a home in Baltimore, MD, where The Wire was filmed. At one time, fellow cast members, John Doman, Reg E. Cathey, and Jim True-Frost were his roommates.

    • Peters played Daryl Van Horne in 2001 UK stage production of The Witches of Eastwick.

    • Peters played the role of Billy Flynn in Chicago in London, New York and on tour throughout the U.S. for over 3,000 shows between 2000 and 2003.

    • Peters' first professional role was in Paris in 1971. His brother, Tony, another actor, couldn't make an audition and Clarke went in his place and received the job.

    • Peters played Quarrel in a 2008 BBC radio dramatization of Ian Fleming's Dr. No. Fleming was born in 2008 and the broadcast marked the 100 year anniversary.

    • Peters was part of a singing trio for three years, The Majestics, a London-based group.

    • Peters is the father of Joe Jacobs, a young English actor who appears on the BBC drama Holby Blue as a constable.

    • Peters trained as a mime. He was introduced to the art form by a protege of famed mime, Marcel Marceau.

    • "Cool Lester Smooth" is the nickname for the character Peters portrayed, Detective Lester Freamon, in HBO's The Wire.

    • Peters received a Theatre World Award for his 1999 role as Joe Mott in The Iceman Cometh.

    • Peters first role in the London theatre was in Guys and Dolls as Sky Masterson.

    • Peters wrote the musical review, Five Guys Named Moe, which won the 1991 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Entertainment in London. It was also nominated for a Tony Award in 1992 after its run on Broadway.

  • Quotes

    • Peters: While I was researching Unforgettable, I heard about a lady in South Africa who had the complete Nat King Cole collection. She loved to listen to him, and did so often­ until she found out he was black - and then promptly got rid of every record of his she owned. (he wrote/starred in a musical about Cole's life)

    • Peters: I love women. I [fantasize] about a bevy of women every night, but I'm only acting. (his reaction upon receiving so many flowers from women during his performance in The Witches of Eastwick)

    • Peters: In this world of turmoil and unrest, I find peaceful meditation a tool to neutralise the negative. "Meditation" as taught by the Brahmun Kumaris from Mount Abu in Rajasthan, India. This is my path. One of peace, respect and love.

    • Peters: I just finished doing Porgy in Porgy and Bess [2006-2007 London production], and that's the best role I've ever done on stage in a musical. For an actor, it's a wonderful part emotionally. That role has it all. Love, tears, laughter, anger, all the emotions, and there's wonderful music. (when asked what role he was dying to play)

    • Peters: I am an American who considers himself a citizen of the planet Earth. (Peters is an American and was asked why he lives London)