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  • The ultimate lady of Sci-fi!

    In my opinion, Claudia Black is the ultimate Sci-fi babe, and my personal favourite. Most well known for her role in Farscape, Black portrayed former Peacekeeper Officer Aeryn Sun with a flawless mix of empathy and strength. She portrayed the character in such a way the audience can relate to on an emotional level, helping to make Farscape the winner it was.
    After that she joined her Farscape co-star Ben Browder as a regular on the ever popular Stargate SG-1, as the fiery, rebellious alien Vala Mal Doran. A completely different character to the warrior Aeryn, Vala is a free spirit. Untrustworthy and selfish, with almost childish behaviour she eventually manages to join the highly coveted SG1, and rediscover who she is as a person.
    All made possible by superbly talented acting by Claudia Black.