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  • Very good actress who we need to see more of!

    I first saw Claudia Black's work in the TV series Farscape. She was marvelous in that series, and very convincingly portrayed a character, 'Aeryn Sun', who really developed, nay, transformed over the course of several seasons from a one-dimensional rigid soldier into a multi-dimensional full-fledged woman who could embrace the warrior, goddess, lover and mother in herself. She did this so well, that I can safely say her performances in this show truly were a part of what allowed me to regularly suspend disbelief and enter into the universe of Farscape.

    Now, when Claudia showed up in the role of Vala, on the TV series Stargate SG-1, I was double-awed! She really took that role and ran with it. This was 'Aeryn Sun, Ruler of the Universe!" Her humor, craftiness, and need to be on top and in front do everything to enliven the last seasons of this scifi staple. She has outstanding onscreen chemistry with her co-stars, and undoubtedly brought a host of new viewers to the show, and reinvigorated many of the solid fans of the show (me, for example). Claudia Black was *born* to play this role.

    I've seen some of her work on the big screen as well, but what I've seen were roles that were small and underdeveloped, so they didn't allow her to fully display her chops. But for those of you who are looking for someone to light up the small screen and really get your interest, try watching Farscape or the latter seasons (8+) of Stargate SG-1.