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    • Claudia Black: (On what she'd be doing if she did not become an actress) I would like to have a couple of lives, I think after this one in which I would be a chef, and one I would like to be in the diplomatic core and be multilingual, and in another I would maybe work for Medecins Sans Frontières or work for some organization that gives legitimate and profound relief to other countries and in another lifetime maybe an adventurer and what else. A musician, a rock star, I think you have to have one lifetime where you're a rock star. And I did come from a musical background. This lifetime so far I am definitively destined to be an actress, we'll see what happens in the second half of my life. I'll be very interested to see if I'm still acting in twenty years time. Maybe in one year time. I'm unemployed what am I talking about, I'd be interested to see if I'm acting next year!