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    • Claudia: (on being lucky doing what she loves) Most importantly, I'm just so lucky to be living my dream. I have to pinch myself because I am truly blessed!

    • Claudia: (on working on the TV series Hart of Dixie) I started in television, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity. I gained many experiences from working on sound stages, and the experience has developed my career and helped me become a more focused actor.

    • Claudia: (on her Hart of Dixie character) I'm thrilled to explore more of my character Magnolia. I believe in this season the viewers will see her grow up, and mature. All I can say is that there is going to be a lot of interesting twists and turns, and the viewers will grow to love the show even more.

    • Claudia: (on always being creative) When we would have friends over, we would have little plays - I would play guitar and sing. So, I always had that creative streak in me.

    • Claudia: (on enjoying performing even at a young age) When I was little, I would perform for my family, and close family friends. One of the things I would do - my dad had set up a little stage in my room and would video tape me singing. I think I sang to Cher once, and my Dad has a lot of footage that he can embarrass me with when I'm older.

    • Claudia: (on her songs having meaning, not just party music) I'm not the type of artist that's like, 'Let's go out and party and dance your life away!' I think those artists are so cool, but I wanted meaning in my songs and they have messages.

    • Claudia: (on always wanted to be connected to performing arts) I know if I wasn't making music and acting, I would be involved in the performing arts world in some way. I would be either writing and making music for other artists or producing movies.

    • Claudia: (on the songs she writes) I'm a very message-oriented artist, and each song has a totally different meaning.

    • Claudia: (on Broadway being an alternative to Hollywood, since she is also a singer) I always joke around with my parents and say that if Hollywood doesn't work out I'll go to Broadway!

    • Claudia: (on enjoying interacting with fan) I absolutely love talking to all of my fans.

    • Claudia: (on enjoying performing) I am so excited to perform; I am so ready to perform; I love live performances! I think it's something so different from a track; live is just so unique and cool because the energy is just so different. I cannot wait to have live performances.