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  • Clair's Liberation

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    S 7 : Ep 12 - 12/6/90

    Clair learns that she has begun menopause, and doesn't seem to have any trouble dealing with it. Theo, Vanessa and Pam share ridiculous stories that they have heard about menopausal women. They conclude that Clair will suffer hot flashes all the time, become incredibly moody, and lose the ability to make simple decisions. They begin to treat Clair like an invalid. She and Cliff play a practical joke on the kids and make them believe that Clair has gone completely insane. Pam's new boyfriend, Aaron, wins her heart with a series of thoughtful and romantic gestures. Lance tries to impress Charmaine by following Aaron's example.moreless
  • The Storyteller

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    S 6 : Ep 26 - 5/3/90

    The Huxtables eagerly anticipate a visit from Cliff's great aunt Gramtee, who is coming to town to celebrate her 98th birthday. She embarrasses Cliff with stories about his childhood, and mesmerizes the children by sharing accounts of a relative who lived during times of slavery. Olivia is upset by the family's plans to attend church after Gramtee's birthday celebration, as a friend's parents had invited her to come to the zoo and Playland at the same time. She continually pleads with Denise to let her go to the zoo, but Denise stands her ground. Clair is impressed by Denise's resolve, but warns her to expect a tantrum. Olivia eventually talks to Gramtee, who tells her that she can make her own decision about whether to attend church. However, Olivia elects to go to church after all because she likes spending time with Gramtee.moreless
  • Elvin Pays for Dinner

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    S 6 : Ep 13 - 1/4/90

    Sondra and Elvin make plans to have dinner with his old friend from college and her sister. However, Sondra decides to stay home because she is preoccupied with her personal statement essay for law school applications. Elvin offers to cancel, but she encourages him to go out and have a good time. He promises to return by 9:30 to take babysitters Vanessa and Rudy back home. He calls from the restaurant to tell Sondra that he might be late, and she encourages him to stay out. When Elvin returns home, Sondra is furious that she had to interrupt work on her essay to drive her sisters home. She acts cordial toward Elvin's guests, but refuses to speak to Elvin after they leave. She is especially upset that he paid for dinner. They have dinner with Cliff and Clair the next day. Cliff gives Elvin advice on being psychic so that he will know how to keep from upsetting his wife. Clair sympathizes with Sondra, but points out that she could have avoided the whole fiasco by being honest with Elvin. They eventually make up. Vanessa and Rudy get hooked on old movies. They become too caught up in the films and fear that Sondra is going to kill Elvin in a jealous rage.moreless
  • Cliff's Wet Adventure

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    S 6 : Ep 9 - 11/16/89

    The Huxtables host a large gathering for Thanksgiving dinner. Cliff must go to the market in the midst of a terrible storm to gather ingredients for the meal. Unfortunately, he keeps forgetting items on his list and getting sent back out into the rain. Martin's ex-wife, Paula, calls from the airport during a long layover. Denise invites her to join the family for Thanksgiving so that she can spend time with Olivia. Martin feels uncomfortable about the situation, but Denise assures him that everything will be fine. Paula and Denise have a talk while Martin helps Olivia prepare a gift for her mom. Paula explains why she ended her marriage. She had always made decisions based on what her parents wanted, and could no longer stand it. Although it was painful, she felt that she needed to live her own life.moreless