Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford



Birth Name

Clementine Shepherd-Ford



Also Known As

Clementine Shepherd-Ford
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Clementine made her acting debut on two episodes of her mother's sitcom "Cybill," in the late 1990s. Of course she got the job due to her mother being the lead and producer of the show. Since then Clementine has had small roles in great films, such as "American…more


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    • (about watching her mother on The L Word and why she sometimes watches it with her eyes closed)
      Clementine: There are certain things you don't want to see. I'll look anywhere around but at the TV.

    • Cybill Shepherd: (about Clementine) I am very proud of her. I think she can be a lot more honest about who she is as a sexual being with me than I could be with my parents because of the time I was born, in 1950. And I am just really proud of who she is. She's very different. I don't know. I just... I like her a lot.

    • Clementine Shepherd-Ford: (on having a famous mother) It was horrible. I had friends in high school who wanted to have sex with my mother. I'm not going to blame her for being beautiful - but it's still gross.

  • Clementine is great in the l-word, i do hope they bring her back. Showtime will have to bring her back it would be a mistake not too.

    Clementine is great playing the part of Molly, she is sooo good that you forget that she is playing a part she? Would love to talk to her, she sounds like a real person and not just an.... actor, reading her biography makes you want to go out dinner and have drinks and just talk about life with her, would love her address to write to her but I would guess alot of fans would want that too, but it doesn't hurt to try... Her friends and family are very lucky to have her in their life! okay then bye and keep up with the ggod work, Dianemoreless