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  • Great actor

    Cliff Simon is a great, first-class actor who has strong charisma. To be honest, I had not heard of him before his appearance as Ba'al on Stargate, but the first moment, I saw and heard him I was amazed. He manages to steel entire scenes for himself everytime he appears in front of cameras. Ba'al is a stunning bad guy who you must love in Cliff's performance. Certainly, some of that is thanks to the writes of Stargate. I hope that I will see him as Ba'al on Stargate in future because he is my most favourite Goa'uld and one of the most favourite actors of the show.
  • great actor...

    Cliff Simon is probably best known for his role on Stargate SG-1 as Ba'al. He does a great job as Ba'al. Ba'al is my favorite goa'uld, well, he's my favorite bad guy in the whole show. He's smart and sophisticated and he has the coolest voice. I know they mess with the voices on the show, but it sounds so cool. Anyways, Cliff Simon plays the character very well. My favorite episode, and the episode that really got me to like him, was called Abyss in season 6 of SG-1. He did a great job in that episode. I hope I see Cliff again in some other show because he's really talented.
  • Ba'al is back in a big way. Do love that bad boy! Ex Deus Machina lets us at least hear cliff's real voice, very nice.

    Ex Deus Machina was excellent. Ba’al at his baddest … he is still jerking humans around even without his gravity chambers. Though he does seem to lack the sarcophagus to bring anyone back to life, I would bet next weeks pay he has one hiding somewhere. The lack of go’aul voice is such a treat, Cliff has a wonderful voice and a sexy accent!

    Just wish I could find a full bio on Mr. Simon. Sure would love to know where he got his training, what stage work he has done, what other screen work he has done, and where he calls home.