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  • Cliff Taylor in "Bumbledown: The Life And Times Of Ronald Reagan" by Spitting Image, 1988. United Kingdom, from Central Television, ITV-1

    Spitting Image's "Bumbledown: The Life And Times Of Ronald Reagan has many words, accolades and impressive interviews written about this special episode of creative muster in the Spitting Image archive. What makes it stand tall above the rest? Maybe it was the Emmy Nomination it received in 1989 for Best International Comedy. Clips have been praised and used in other Television documentaries on comedy as well such as Tiger Television's special in the early 90's about comedy in Television and Film hosted by none other than Mr. Bean, (Rowen A.) himself.

    The show may be hard to view today if it were not for a video re-release in 2000 as a sort of anniversary special on the death of President Reagan, (can anyone really remember when he died?)

    It may be worth noting for our American friends that Spitting Image does carry alot of UK humour>British spelling; but do not let that put you off, ie., there are loads of references to UK Royalty, Hollywood B stars and starlets, as well as many USA notables lighting up the screen.

    We can also recommend other Spitting Image shows as well and you can hear some of the cream of British comedy like Steve Coogan as well as the super-talented creators of cutting edge puppetry: the iconic names of Fluck and Law.moreless