Clifton James





5/29/1921 , New York,New York ,USA

Birth Name




Clifton James is an American actor best known for his portrayals of a redneck sheriff in the numerous films he has starred in. He was born on May 29, 1921 in New York City. He served in World War II as an infantry platoon sergeant. He is perhaps best known for his roles as Sheriff Pepper in the James Bond movies The Man with the Golden Gun and Live and Let Die. James was also a regular in the sitcom Lewis & Clark and in the soap opera All My Children. He graduated from the Actors Studio and went on to secure roles in films such as On the Waterfront at the beginning of his career. James was typically cast as a Southern character, despite his upbringing on the East Coast. He is married to his wife of 60 years and together they have six children and 14 grandchildren. He currently lives in New York City.