Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood


5/31/1930, San Francisco, California, USA

Birth Name

Clinton Eastwood Jr.


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Perhaps the icon of macho movie stars, and a living legend, Clint Eastwood has become a standard in international cinema. Born in 1930 in San Francisco, the son of a steel worker, Clint was a college dropout from Los Angeles College, attempting a business related degree. He found…more


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    • Clint: When I was doing The Bridges of Madison County (1995), I said to myself, this romantic stuff is really tough. I can't wait to get back to shooting and killing.

    • Clint: I always cry when I watch myself on screen.

    • Clint: Most people who'll remember me, if at all, will remember me as an action guy, which is OK. There's nothing wrong with that. But there will be a certain group which will remember me for the other films, the ones where I took a few chances. At least, I like to think so.

    • Clint: I've actually had people come up to me and ask me to autograph their guns.

    • Clint: There's a rebel lying deep in my soul. Anytime anybody tells me the trend is such and such, I go the opposite direction. I hate the idea of trends. I hate imitation; I have a reverence for individuality. I got where I am by coming off the wall. I've always considered myself too individualistic to be either right-wing or left-wing.

    • Clint: Plastic surgery used to be a thing where older people would try to go into this dream world of being 28 years old again. But now, in Hollywood, even people at 28 are having work done. Society has made us believe you should look like an 18-year-old model all your life. But I figure I might as well just be what I am.

    • Clint: You have to trust your instincts. There's a moment when an actor has it, and he knows it. Behind the camera you can feel the moment even more clearly. And once you've got it, once you feel it, you can't second-guess yourself. You can find a million reasons why something didn't work. But if it feels right, and it looks right, it works. Without sounding like a pseudointellectual dipshit, it's my responsibility to be true to myself. If it works for me, it's right.

    • Clint: As for me, I like being behind the camera instead of in front of it. I can wear what I want. Will I act again? I never say never. I like doing things where I can stretch and go in different directions. I'm not looking to take it easy. Like the Marines on Iwo Jima, I understand that if you really want something, you have to be ready to fight.

    • Clint: I think kids are natural actors. You watch most kids; if they don't have a toy they'll pick up a stick and make a toy out of it. Kids will daydream all the time.

    • Clint: I never considered myself a cowboy, because I wasn't. But I guess when I got into cowboy gear I looked enough like one to convince people that I was.

    • Clint: I don't believe in pessimism. If something doesn't come up the way you want, forge ahead.

    • Clint: My father used to say to me, 'Show 'em what you can do, and don't worry about what you're gonna get. Say you'll work for free and make yourself invaluable.'

    • Clint: If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.

    • Clint: They say marriages are made in Heaven, but so is thunder and lightning.

  • Liked untill he became a Romney Supporter.

    Love his acting and directing skills. Love that he loves San Fran.,CA. just as much as I do.
  • After watching a Clint Eastwood doco this weekend on Australian TV, I wrote the following prose-poem linking my life to Clint's and following them from the 1930s and 1940s until 2007.moreless

    Falling Into Life

    What A Run Its All Been, Eh Clint?

    Several days ago I watched a documentary Clint Eastwood: A Life in Film with its special emphasis on the movies he made and his philosophy of life and of making films. This French doco was screened on SBS in Australia on 6 October 2007 at 1:55 to 3:20 p.m. I made a few notes because I have seen many of Eastwoods films as an actor and as a director; I had also seen one or two docos about him in previous years and this was a new one for me. I printed out a Wikipedia(internet encyclopedia) outline of his life, gathered my notes from the TV program and after 80+ hours of quasi and semi-gestation I set about to write following prose-poem. -Ron Price, Section VIII Poetry, Pioneering Over Four Epochs, 10 October 2007.

    As you say, Clint, there is a certain

    falling into life, fate if you like and

    trying to make the parts of life come together may be, as you said in your

    last lines, impossible. And yet we try.

    We both got our first big breaks in 59:

    you in the TV series Rawhide and me in the early stages of an emerging world religion that had been in Canada for just on 60 years with only 700 members back then in those my-halcyon days....

    While you were becoming one of those instant international stars back in the 60s I was going to uni and trying to work out the enigmas of a bipolar disorder which had no name then--just a lot of trouble, angst and a series of crises that threatened to arrest my lifes unfoldment and blast all hopes which my progress had engendered back in those years.

    I was finishing my career teaching in high schools when Dirty Harry appeared and was settling down into Perth Western Australia when that series of four films finished in 1988.....and what a run those years were for me, too, Clint, me too, me too!!!!

    You had your Escape from Alcatraz in 79 about a real escape back in 62 when I began my pioneering life and my escape from the normalities of a middle class life. In 79 I began my escape from BPD, yes: a lifelong journey, yessireeebob!!

    You were redefining yourself as director

    and I was redefining myself as a writer

    and poet little by little beginning in the early 1970s. You achieved so much,

    Clint. Ive got to take my hat off to you.

    Way back to your first marriage in 1953

    when the Kingdom of God was getting its kick-start in Chicago, I was in grade four

    and in love with Susan Gregory: what a run its all been, eh Clint, eh?..what a run??

    Ron Price 10 October 2007

    Updated for

    on 3 April 2010moreless