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  • Clint would be homeless without his brother Ron!

    Clint Howard is the biggest spoiled-brat that you\\\'d ever meet. He is hell-bent on thinking of himself and himself only. I know Clint for sixteen years now and he hasn\\\'t changed, he\\\'s gotten worse. Aside from selfish and self-centered he behaves like somekind of devilish demon who thinks he\\\'s better then everyone else. If it wasn\\\'t for his brother Ron saving his butt by giving him rolls regularly, Clint would be walking the streets. Clint doesn\\\'t realize that of course. If you ask him, he\\\'ll say that \\\"God gives him his roles\\\" And it goes without saying that he really does think he is \\\"God\\\'s gift to the universe\\\". Without his brother Ron and his Dad he would be less then nothing!