Clint Walker





5/30/1927 , Hartford, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Norman Eugene Walker




CLINT has been a member of the merchant marine, carpenter, sheet metal worker, deputy sheriff and oil prospecter. He began his movie career in the 50's with THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

He started his TV career in 1955 when he signed on to play the part of CHEYENNE BODIE in the western TV show CHEYENNE, one of the best shows of this type WARNER BROTHERS ever made. CLINT wanted his contract changed to take out some unfair clauses he had signed in order to obtain the part. Some of these changes were: (1) He didn't want to have to give back 50 per cent of all the fees he made for personal appearances (2) Wanted more money for reruns (3) Wanted the right to make records on other Labels besides those that WARNER made.

WARNER BROTHERS refused to do the right thing by their Star and he walked out on them. They then tried to fill his vacancy with someone else. In 1959 CLINT and the Studio finally came to terms. However, he wasn't happy because he felt the CHEYENNE character was getting trite and he didn't want to become type cast. But, since the show was in the Top 20, WARNER BROTHERS wasn't about to let him try something else.