Clinton Kelly

Clinton Kelly


2/22/1969, Panama City, Panama

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  • Clinton Kelly on The Chew.
  • Clinton Kelly on The Chew.
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  • Mayim Bialik on What Not to Wear.
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Clinton is the cohost on the wildly popular TLC show What Not to Wear, where he helps a poor fashion victim spend $5000 on a new wardrobe.

Born in Panama, Clinton was raised in Port Jefferson Station, Long Island, New York. Kelly was executive editor at DNR,…more


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    • Clinton: (When asked where he gets his clothes) I get my clothes from lots of different places. Some clothes for the show are bought, some are borrowed. I wear a lot of Michael Kors, Ted Baker, Hugo Boss, Lacoste and Club Monaco. My favorite suits are by Armani and Lanvin. And I love shoes by Bally, Ferragamo and Lambertson Truex.

    • Clinton Kelly: Many adults think that dressing like a teenager makes them look younger, when in fact the exact opposite is true. It just makes you look like you're trying to compete with 18-year-olds – and that's a losing battle. The 18-year-old is always going to look younger.

    • Clinton Kelly: (when asked if he is a spender or saver when it comes to money) Spender. I want nice things. I want to be surrounded by beautiful things.

    • Clinton Kelly: (when asked what his best money advice would be) Do not keep a balance on your credit cards. Ever. Pay off every credit card you have, in full, every month. End of story.

    • Clinton Kelly: (when asked what his sign was) I was born February 22, 1969, under the sign of Pisces rising and a moon in Taurus, which I'm told makes me imaginative, creative, and sensitive but firmly grounded in reality. And I am grounded in reality - reality television!

    • Clinton: (his relationship with Stacy) Stacy and I have very similar senses of humor and tastes in fashion. It's pretty rare that a workday goes by without a good belly laugh.

    • Clinton Kelly: Always dress your body the way it is now - not the way you want it to be - because it might not ever get to be that way.

    • Clinton Kelly: My dad and I have a tradition: On Father's Day I give him cash. Some people think that's not very thoughtful, but I must disagree. I know how much he enjoys any article of clothing with the words "Harley Davidson" on it — he's in LOVE with his bike, a Heritage Soft Tail — and he knows how I've made a career out of throwing logo t-shirts into a trash can. It's our little compromise and it makes us happy.

    • Clinton: Don't compare yourself to images you see in magazines or billboards - these people aren't real.

    • Biggest fashion pet peeve:
      Clinton: The "casualization" of America Don't get me wrong -- casual wear is important, and can be fun and stylish. However, on the whole, we've stopped caring about what clothing is appropriate for a given situation.

    • A personal fashion confession: Clinton: I owned a pair of pleated-front, acid-washed Z. Cavaricci jeans in high school
      But, in my own defense, it was 1987 and I am from Long Island, the capital of scary fashion (in the 1980s, that is).

  • Cost of homes you discussed today.

    My husband bought his mobile home in 1975 for 25K. Being that old no finance company will give you a loan. You stated about living by Starbucks raised the cost of home. Try living by the new Levi Stadium which is 2 miles away. These old housed are now going for over 100K. Can we talk inflation?
  • Beef Wellington

    Clinton, I made your individual beef wellington's for my family the other night. OMG, what a hit! They were "TO DIE FOR". I will definitely be making this regularly. My parents live 10hrs away so I don't get to see them often, but next time I go, I am for sure making this for them. They will love it. Thank you for such an awesome recipe. Btw, I like the beard lol. Love the show. The 5 of you make such a great group, love the diversity of you guys.moreless