Clinton Sparks





Boston, Massachusetts

Birth Name

Clinton Sparks




Clinton Sparks is a hip-hop radio DJ, mixtape DJ and producer. He has a weekly syndicated radio show named SmashTime Radio that can be heard on Sirius Satellite Radio and on radio stations around the U.S. and the world. He's made a few television appearances on BET and MTV. He's won several awards for his mixtapes and his radio show. He's also DJed at dozens of clubs around the states and the world including Hong Kong, England, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico and Canada. His catch phrase "get familiar," invites people to get familiar with him through his radio show, his mixtapes, new music and everything he does.

He was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston and moved to Hyde Park at age 12 with his mother and then to Randolph with his father. As a kid he was more into heavy metal than hip-hop, and he listened to his mother's record collection, which included such diverse artists as Hall & Oates, The Commodores, and Twisted Sister. He began messing around with turntables, actually his mother's stereo, when he was 10, and he knew fairly soon that he wanted to make music his life. In his early teens, there was also a flirtation with petty crime, and the accompanying scrapes with the law. Beyond mentioning it, Clinton doesn't like to talk about it, though he claims his first set of turntables came from a house he burglarized. After graduating from Randolph High School in 1993 and doing a three-month stint in broadcasting school, he got a job at UPS, even as he was pursuing music. He worked at the company for three years, until he severely injured his back. Suddenly, his attention focused on music alone, and by the late 1990s he was a morning-show regular on WJMN-FM (Jam'n 94.5) in Boston. He gained a following as a skit writer and an on-air goof, but he still yearned to land a full-time gig as a DJ and producer.

Persistence finally landed Sparks a slot with programming giant "Super Radio," and with the attention garnered by his mixtapes, other opportunities soon beckoned. He started in 1998 with an unbranded 10-city nationally syndicated mixshow through Super Radio, and taken that notoriety & ballooned it into his own personality branded #1 rated syndicated mix show. In 2004, Eminem asked Clinton to be apart of his totally uncensored hip-hop channel "Shade 45" on Sirius Satellite Radio, which broadcasts live every week from New York City. His show hits the national airwaves with the newest exclusives, custom remixes and special guests celebrities.

Still, Sparks doesn't want to be known only as a DJ. He has produced numerous singles with big time hip-hop artists such as Diddy, Busta Rhymes, The Clipse, Mobb Deep, Joe Budden, D-Block, N.O.R.E., Kanye West, Beanie Sigel and 50 Cent to name a few. So whether it's the radio, his mixtapes, TV appearances or clubs around the globe, be sure to Get Familiar with Clinton Sparks!