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  • never a dull moment with Clive starring

    Shoot em up, Children of men, Inside man, sin city, and even the pink panther. There is never a dull moment with Clive! I have yet to see him on the big screen when i don't absolutely love his role. He kicks A-- in every movie he is in. My personal favorite role for him was Children of men, that movie was spectacular, the cinematography was incredible, and the acting was phenomenal. He MADE the movie Shoot em up, and along with Denzel Washington, brought Inside Man into my list of favorites. The acting he and Denzel both exhibited in that movie was very intense, believable, and incredibly deceptive (i didn't see the ending coming, they hid it well, often movies become predictable when the actors are sub par, but clearly Clive is not sub par) He is in fact well above average, and in my book, one of the greats.