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    • Clive Owen: I think it could definitely be disturbing. It's taken the central theme and it's definitely the same story, but the elements of the book have been changed quite a lot. It's still set 30 years in the future and the conceit is still the same, that no one has had a baby anywhere for eighteen years and our reluctant hero has ended up linked with the only pregnant girl on the planet. That's still the same, but Alfonso's done a really fascinating, unusual exploration of where things could be going, and that's still very, very strong in the movie. It's a very unusual take. People are assuming it's a sci-fi movie but it's almost the opposite of that. It's like now, but worse. It's the environment we're living in. It's not futuristic. It's like things have not ended up that great and we're in a world where there are no children, which is a pretty bleak place. Half the movie's a chase movie, really, but it's in a really extraordinary vision of the future.