Clive Robertson

Clive Robertson


12/17/1965, Devizes, Wiltshire, England

Birth Name

Clive Gladstone Robertson


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Handsome British actor Clive Robertson got his big break in television as "Ben Evans" on the short lived NBC soap opera Sunset Beach back in 1997. He soon added Ben's evil twin "Derek" to the show's mix and garnered even more acclaim.

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    • Clive: I'll be honest, I have pleasures, but none that I feel guilty about.

    • Clive: I didn't turn to acting because I thought I was good at it. I was drawn to it because it presented such an enormous challenge. I knew it was something I'd have to work hard at.

    • Clive: (on his favorite charity) I just worry because we've only got one world and we're destroying it at such a fast rate. Part of the reason that "Wild Aide" is important is that, when you look at the animals we have, we're not only hunting them down but we're also destroying the habitats that they live in. By making it a point to try and save, for example the tiger, you're actually saving the habitat that they live in. I think that's almost as important because otherwise we're going to be one giant metropolis and that worries me a bit.

    • Clive: In all seriousness, I prefer theater as a medium only because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and theater allows you to perfect your performance. Having said that, it doesn't pay very well! I've never done as much TV as I have since I've done this show [Sunset Beach] and what I like most about it is, that I have, as an actor, become more spontaneous as an actor because you can't be as polished in your peformance.

  • he has talent and hes sexy

    i first seen clive in sunset beach and i tane a shine to him i think he is a great actor but i think he should be in more shows and films etc. gladstone is his middle name which he does'nt like but i think its ok, its better than mine anyday. i think he should get his own tv show it would be funny. i think the films and stuff him and Libby have been writing would be intrestion cause if it was anything like sunset beach i think thre would be a fight everyday over a stud like Clive. any way hes realy talented and he stunnin so thats what i have to say.moreless