Clive Robertson





12/17/1965 , Devizes, Wiltshire, England

Birth Name

Clive Gladstone Robertson




Handsome British actor Clive Robertson got his big break in television as "Ben Evans" on the short lived NBC soap opera Sunset Beach back in 1997. He soon added Ben's evil twin "Derek" to the show's mix and garnered even more acclaim.

The classically trained Robertson took a hiatus from television after Sunset Beach was cancelled in 1999, but returned to the small screen 4 years later as the lead in the Canadian sci-fi series Starhunter.

Since then Clive has also appeared in the mini-series 'Wicked Wicked Games', co-starring Tatum O'Neil, & a tv. film entitled 'Crazy girls undercover', where he plays ex-FBI agent Damon Archer, called back to do another job for them, with his team of showgirls who work for him at his Las Vegas revue. Clive re-married in 2007 and lives in Los Angeles, California.