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  • When you think 'Clive Swift', you automatically think comedy with a capital 'C'!

    Clive Swift has been involved in stage and television work for many, many years but when you say his name, the role which most readily springs to mind is that of the hapless, henpecked Richard Bucket in the BBC series 'Keeping Up Appearances'. If there was ever a husband more downtrodden by his wife than Richard, I would be very surprised. Hyacinth (his wife) made every area of his life a total misery. Just as well he had people like Onslow and Emmet to give him a break occasionally.

    It is true that Clive has done several other memorable roles, but it is as Richard that he shines most brilliantly. His portrayal is flawless and he is the perfect foil to the hilarious Patricia Routledge who plays his wife. Thank goodness that there are still some actors around who know how to be funny without going over the top. The brilliant Clive Swift is one of them.